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About Wasatch Supply

For over 12 years, Wasatch Supply has supplied the oil and gas industries, and the pipeline construction companies that serve them, with quality, tested parts and equipment to build pipelines that keep their crews, environment and citizens safe. We provide everything it takes to build a pipeline, except the pipe: over 8,000 parts and products, as well as specialty testing and safety equipment. But our products aren’t everything, we also provide the knowledge on how best to select and use them, the technology to order them accurately and on time, and the best practices for inventory control measurement.
Our Locations

2070 South 4250 West

Salt Lake City, UT 84104

Phone: (801) 363-1933

Fax: (801) 531-9548

3866 US Highway 85

Belfield, ND 58621

Phone: (701) 850-1062

Fax: (701) 850-1064

1445 Dewey Ave.

Williamsport, PA 17701

Phone: (570) 505-1046

Fax: (570) 505-1047