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Calibration & Repair

No tool or piece of equipment lasts forever. You have to take care of them. That’s why we offer comprehensive calibration and repair services, so you can keep working and minimize costly downtime. From tune-ups to overhauls, our experienced repair professionals know just what to do to keep your equipment properly calibrated and running smoothly.

Our factory trained technicians have many years of experience in repairing and calibrating your pressure and temperature recorders, deadweight gauges, jeeps, pocket meters and more.

The next time you need a calibration or repair trust the best name in the industry, PSS Companies.


Equipment Serviced and Calibrated


•  Bench Tester

•  Line Up Clamps

•  Beveling Bands

•  Pipe Rollers

•  Beveling Crawlers

•  Pocket Volt Meters

•  Beveling Machines

•  Pressure Recorders

•  Dead Weights

•  Rollie Cradles

•  Gauges

•  Temperature Recorders

•  Hydraulic Pumps

•  Tinsel Testers

•  Jeeps

•  Torque Wrenches

•  Line Locators