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Tables and Calculators

Conversion Factors, Tables and Graphs

  • Conversion Constants
  • Conversions Factors
  • Decimal Equivalents of Fractions
  • English to Metric Conversion
  • Feet Head of Water to PSI
  • Hardness Conversion Numbers
  • Minutes Converted to Decimals of a Degree
  • Temperature Conversion
  • Water Pressure to Feet Head

    Dimensions of Valves, Weld Fittings and Flanges

  • Bolting Dimensions for Flanges
  • Bolting Procedures for Flanges
  • Flange Stud Reference Chart
  • Operating and Temperature Ranges of Valves
  • Pressure and Temperature Ratings for Carbon Steel Flanges
  • Standard Fittings
  • Threaded and Socket Welded Fittings with Schedules and Weights of Pipes
  • Torque Estimating Chart for Flange Stud Bolts
  • Torque Required to Produce Indicated Bolt Stress
  • Torque vs. Pressure (for STR-30 Torque Wrench)
  • Torque Values for Linebacker Kits
  • Valve Selection Guide
  • Valve Standards
  • Valve Types for Specific Services
  • Weld Fitting Dimensions
  • Weld Flange Dimensions


  • Drill Sizes for Pipe Taps
  • Electrical Formulas
  • Flange Insolation Ordering Work Sheet (interactive)
  • Flange Test Plugs
  • Holiday Detector “Jeep” Spring Electrode Length
  • Holiday Detector “Jeep” Voltage Settings
  • How to Order PE Plastic Casing Insulators
  • Pipeline Pig Pressures and Flows
  • Pipeline Pig Weights and Dimensions
  • Rated Capacity for Slings
  • Surveyors Conversions
  • Tap and Drill Sizes
  • Titan Flange Spreader Chart
  • Wrench Sizes for Standard Bolts
  • Pipe Coating Requirements
  • 3M Scotchkote 323 Coverage Calculator (interactive)
  • Denso Protal Liquid Coating Coverage Chart
  • Pipe Wrap Coverage Calculator for Field Joints
  • Pipe Wrap Coverage Calculator (per 100 feet of pipe)
  • Pipe Wrap Coverage Calculator (per 1000 feet or mile)
  • Powercrete Application Guide
  • Powercrete R95 Gel, Re-Coat and Curing Time Chart
  • Powercrete J Gel, Re-Coat and Curing Time Chart
  • Powercrete J-Fast Cure Gel, Re-Coat and Curing Time Chart
  • Royston Glas-Wrap Tape Coverage Chart
  • Trenton Wax Tape Coverage Chart

    Pipe Standards and Specifications

  • ANSI_Schedule 40 Steel Pipe Dimensions
  • ANSI Schedule 80 Steel Pipe Dimensions
  • API SPEC 5L Specification for Line Pipe
  • ASTM Carbon Steel Pipe and Flange Spec
  • ASTM SPEC A53 Specification for Carbon Steel Pipe
  • ASTM SPEC A106 Specification for Seamless Carbon Steel Pipe
  • Cross Reference of ASTM Material Specifications
  • Standards and Specifications

    Properties of Fluids and Gases

  • Boiling Points of Water at Various Pressures
  • Specific Gravity of Gases and Liquids
  • Typical BTU Values of Fuels

    Properties of Metal

  • Coefficients of Linear Expansion
  • Colors and Approximate Temperature for Carbon Steel
  • Corrosion and Standard Electrode Potential
  • Identifying Metals
  • Melting Points of Metals
  • Metals and Corrosion Resistance
  • Metal Weights
  • Steel Pre-Heating Chart

    Properties of Pipe

  • Barlow’s Formula
  • Calculation of Pipe Expansion
  • Commercial Pipe Sizes and Wall Thickness
  • Dimensions and Weights of Stainless Steel Pipe
  • Expansion of Carbon Steel Pipe
  • Heat Loss from Horizontal Bare Steel Pipe
  • Pipe and Water Weight per Line Foot
  • Standard Pipe Data
  • Steel Pipe Dimensions
  • Total Thermal Expansion of Piping Material
  • Weight per Foot of Seamless Brass and Copper Pipe

    Surface Area Dimensions and Formulas

  • Square Feet of Area and Gallon Capacity
  • Square Foot of Area for Valves and Fittings
  • Surface Area of Pipe and Square Feet per Linear Foot
  • Surface Area and Volume Formulas
  • Theoretical Coverage in Square Feet per U.S. Gallon


  • Colors as Safety Signals
  • Hazardous Area Types of Protection Used in North America